Saturday, July 12, 2008

From our readers

New Catholic at the celestial Rorate Caeli informs that there is a site dedicated to praying the Breviarium Romanum. This has been added to the links list at right.

He also very generously has added us to his blog list. Benedicamus Domino.

D. of Michigan asks:

Q. But, is the 62 Breviary in Latin only? Also, is it similar in time daily, or is it more intense. I've been interested in learning Latin and have accumulated several resources to learn on my own. I suppose this would be a good application, if it is in Latin only.

A. As far as I know it is now only, and has always been, in Latin. It takes significantly longer to pray than the contemporary version. This is primarily for the reason that the 62 BR prays the entire Psalter in one week and the new breviary is based on a four-week Psalter that omits some of the Psalms.

Perhaps for those who would like to begin an alternative in English, there is as suggested by sacristy rat on

You may also want to consider praying the Psalms in English on a daily basis, building up to praying the entire Psalter weekly. This will aid you in translating as you read the Psalms in latin at such time as you decide to begin praying the 62 BR.

Any thoughts from others familiar with the Anglican Breviary as a short term alternative or introduction to the 1962 BR?

Thanks D!

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