Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Be models...masters of prayer."

Pope To Priests At Brindisi . . . "Be Models...Masters Of Prayer"
BRINDISI, Italy ( CNA) — Pope Benedict wrapped up his weekend visit to the Archdiocese of Brindi­si- Ostuni by speaking to a gather­ing of all the priests, deacons, and seminarians of the archdiocese. Being a good priest, the Pope said on June 15, requires that one be­come a “master of prayer.”
As he spoke to the clergy in Brindisi’s St. Lawrence Cathedral, the Holy Father told them that, to ensure “your faith is always strong and vigorous, it is important, as you well know, to nourish it with assid­uous prayer. Be, then, models of prayer, become masters of prayer.”
Benedict XVI then reflected on how the entirety of a priest’s min­istry flows from his prayer.
“ The moment of prayer is the most important moment in a priest’s life, the moment in which divine grace acts most effectively, making his ministry fruitful. Prayer is the first service to be of­fered to the community,” he said.

From CNA.