Thursday, December 18, 2008

Download free copies of hand illuminated altar cards

Just in time for Christmas our readers may download, print and frame these altar cards for your priest to either support him in celebrating the extraordinary form of holy Mass or to further encourage him to do so.

The mother of a priest labored for six months to do the calligraphy and illuminate the originals of these altar cards by hand for his celebration of holy Mass. Observe the variegated floral and gold borders in detail by clicking on the images. She wishes to make copies of these cards available for any priest.

One can download these printer-ready high resolution cards free of charge. The center card measures 16x20 while the others are 11x18. Those who wish to make the suggested donation of $30 are asked to please make out and send a check to Father Javier del Castillo, 10400 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20804. The proceeds will help to support a faithful Catholic family with five children who currently live on a modest income. Thank you.